One to One Personal Development

We work with you one to one to help you make change happen.


Sessions cover all areas including Anxiety and Stress, Phobias and Fears, Health and Wellbeing, Relationships, Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss, Arts and Creativity, and Sports.  See below for more information on each of these.  Paul will tailor his sessions to ensure that your needs are met.

The first session will normally last 90 minutes with follow up sessions being 60 minutes.  Most clients will only need 1 to 3 sessions to make the change they want. You can book sessions with Paul in Fort William, Inverness and Troon.

Finding Life’s Balance

As you understand more about how the mind body connection works, it will make sense that any issue of a Psychological, Emotional or Behavioural (Habitual) nature can benefit from the applied techniques. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Clinical Hypnotherapy work to influence your wellbeing and health via the well documented connection between the Mind and the Body.

Because it is essentially a tool-kit for the mind, it can help all areas of life. As a means of example, but by no means exhaustive list, It is particularly effective for improving the following situations:

Anxiety & stress

The problem with anxiety is that it can often feel irrational – you know you shouldn’t feel anxious, you might even know you don’t need to feel anxious, but you do. So how can you possibly stop it?

Life Coaching, NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy are effective methods for reprogramming feelings of stress and anxiety because it identifies the thought patterns that lead to those feelings. As soon as these unconscious thought patterns are bought out into the light and made conscious, they can be challenged.

Fears & phobias

Like with anxiety and stress, NLP is great for revealing the thought processes behind what we might consider ‘irrational’ behaviour. Really, no behaviour is completely irrational – we are products of our pasts and something along the way will have kick-started those fears. NLP can assist in changing the thoughts and feelings we have about the things that scare us so that we no longer have to avoid them.

Health & Wellbeing

One of the most important ideas underpinning NLP is that the mind and body are closely and intricately connected. By improving the way we approach and think about the world, we can affect the health and wellbeing of our bodies.

Smoking Cessation & Weight Loss

Smoking and weight loss can have addictive traits triggered by something that we are unaware of. Exploring these triggers and altering them as well as focusing on what we are looking for, smoking cessation and weight loss can be easier than you think. We are also a registered Hypno-Band provider.

Arts & Creativity

Writer’s or ‘artist’s block’ is something that affects most creative spirits at some point. Sometimes, it simply becomes impossible to adequately express what you want to express. An NLP session could be used to identify what is creating that block. Your life coach may develop exercises for you to complete, designed to unleash and channel the energy you’ve been storing up.


Relationships are based on how we communicate with each other. How we communicate depends on the kind of people we are and the ways we view the world. We all have what we might consider ‘bad character traits’ that have the unfortunate habit of ruining relationships. This could include being argumentative, distrustful, jealous, insecure and so on. NLP can help you become more aware of how you communicate. It can help you to understand that other people might have different views of the world and that your way of thinking is not necessarily right. Developing empathy skills can make it easier to build strong and lasting relationships – whether they be with friends, family members, or lovers.


NLP is a fantastic tool when it comes to sport. It’s so easy to give up when we become exhausted or feel like we can’t go on anymore. To really excel in sport, athletes must be able to push through these feelings with incredibly high levels of focus and motivation. NLP can help to break down the mental blocks that are so easy to develop when our bodies become exhausted. To get good results, it is essential to have confidence, to know you can do something and to focus your mind on achieving that. NLP helps nurture all of these qualities in order to bring sports-people to new levels of personal excellence.