Articles and Thoughts on Training & Development

Why should we train our workforce.

Should it purely be from a compliance stance or is there and argument for other reasons?

Benefits of training and development include increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, team cohesion, reduced staff turnover, better customer service to name but a few.


Some statistics regarding Work-related stress, depression or anxiety realised from the HSE, what stood out for me was the last graph which shows the number of staff with stress, anxiety and depression between 2001 and 2017, which if fairly flat with a few fluctuations.  The thing here is that I am sure not all staff suffering from a stress related illness will report it, concerned with the stigma attached and why is it not changing?

Most companies have training they have to comply with, but few think about adding stress reduction training in, looking at the cost of it rather than the savings and productivity it can increase.